Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Video of the Painting Station and Model Collection

My first foray into videos! This is the first of many to come videos. Please be patient as I work thru editing, creating, and updating the site and my you tube channel with more content. Please subscribe!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Still Alive, waiting for 7th ed, and painting away

All, been a busy past fews months, which is why you havent seen many post from me since March... With that said, I sent 6th edition off by getting in many a games the past few months and painting more miniatures then I have in several months. Im also working on a new web portfolio to show off my work in a better format than this blog offers. So, check out my site as I take all new pictures of my miniatures and present them in a portfolio:


I dont know if this will be the permanent home of the site or not. Its more what Im going for.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Plague Marines! (How To Paint)

Im still working on my how to paint series, slowly but surely its moving along. Here is the end result of my how to video:

Also playing this fun, but tough list as of late... It both fun to play and play against, and can compete against even some of the top tier list. With Tau gunline and Wave Serpent spam on the decline, its got some legs.
1 Typhus
2 Abaddon
1a Bel'Hakor
1a 10x Plague Bearers
1a 10x Plague Bearers
1 35x Cultist 
2 10x Cultist 
1 3x Obliterators
2 3x Obliterators
Fast Attack
1 Helldrake

Sunday, January 26, 2014

My HOW TO PAINT Series Introduction

Well, Ive decided to take the next step, and release a how to paint series. Im currently producing the videos now, and will have a corresponding YouTube channel feature my videos. I intend on trying to release them on a monthly basis, covering basing, painting, and army walk thru's. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the series, as the first one to be release will be my How to Paint: Plague Marines (Daemon Series: Nurgle). Here is the intro, hope you like it! Please pass the word along too!


Monday, January 20, 2014

The Plague Father takith' and Plague Father givith'

I have got a few games in as of late, and with my daemons rocking about they have proven to be a rather strong contender on the tabletop. Normally I would be rocking Fateweaver, a GUO, a DP, screamers, oblits, and a heldrake. With that combo packing a punch, it delivers it and delivers it hard. So to try and make more of a friendly list, I am going to run an army which all troops have feel no pain (Typhus with Zombies, Plague Marines, and Plaguebearers with a Herald and LGoC). Do do that i had to finish up several units of plague bearers (finished the 20th tonight). Here they are:

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A side of Daemon Prince

While I wrapped up this DP a few weeks back, I never did get around to posting him on the blog. I ended up going with a more generic color scheme rather than try to paint him specific to any of the chaos marks. I tried to paint him up with a brown scheme as opposed to the red scheme to begin with, but it did not turn out well at all... I dont know what exactly went wrong, but it really looked bad. Into the dunk tank it went and onto a red scheme. I primarily used vallejo model air paints with ferrari red, orange, and yellow to create a transition from low to highlights. Enjoy, and happy new years!