Saturday, December 31, 2011

Painted Orks - Complete for Trade

I am looking to trade away my beloved orks... While I loved playing the orks, feel they are competative, and had the most fun playing them, I found my new project once the wolves are completed. Im moving onto the Death Guard. So, with that said, if your interested in the orks I will sell them or trade them for Chaos Space Marines (Plague Marines, Obliterators, SM/CSM Rhinos, Chaos Marines, Typhus), so make me an offer!

I have 5x painted nobz (4 big choppaz and 1 klaw), 1 painted warboss on bike, 20x shoota boys, 18 choppa boyz, pain boy, big mek with kff, and 8x lootas (if not painted it will be primed outside the painboy or big mek).

Contact me thru the blog, email me (daschenk at gmail dot come), or leave a comment and ill fire back...

Here Da Orks:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make Objective Markers - Space Wolves

So, Ive taken a week off from painting the wolves after finishing up the last of the long fangs. However, I did begin to work on my objective markers. Lone behold, I did ultimately paint a Warmachine model! You seeing a "shifting stone" below, which means nothing to me other than its a wicked good space wolf objective marker or a solid chooser of the slain model for your rune priest.

For a low low price of $7.99, I picked up pack of these (contains 3 stones) off eBay. Im going to be painting each of them a slightly different color (stone above, bronze, and a silver one).  

I also managed to get my first death guard unit, a nurgle daemon prince which will begin to be painted once the wolves are complete. Im in the process of snagging two plague marine sqauds now too.

Lastly, I got in my first game with the wolves! It was a solid experience and a ton of fun. For not playing a game in months, I'd forgotten how much fun It was to get on the table top and roll them dice. I will get into more on this later, but lets just say I left the Dark Elder Kabal in ruins, but was that enough in a multi objective game? If it were kill points the SW would have won solidly 9 to 2, but those raiders are a pain for late game objective grabs! 

Still looking to trade away some Orks and BAs too (see below):

Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To: Making Long Fangs Missiles

Ive continued my work on the Space Wolf Longfangs and am happy with the results! See it here:

Im not 100% completed, but Im oh so very close...  From above, you can see about half of the long fangs are using missile launchers made from Hunter Killer vehicles kits, as I explained in my previous how to post below. These guys will be split into my 2x 4 man missile launcher long fang squads. 
With the long fangs completed, im now moving on to continue working on the remaining grey hunters (8 more for my 1500 point list, 16 for my 1850 point list). 

Also, I do have some units for sale and trade, so please contact me if your interested:
First, my lovely ork warboss biker:

Ork Warboss is on eBay: 
And then my BA Death Star unit:

 I also have a number of Ork for trade, looking for Chaos Space Marines and anything Nurgle (Ive decided my "for fun" themed army will be a Death Guard army).

30x assembled primed black (GW Primer) ork shoota boys with 3x big shootas.
18x assembled primed black (GW Primer) ork choppa boys
Ork Big Mek with KFF (metal, assembled, not primed)
Ork Pain Boy (metal, assebled, not primed)
8x assembled primed black (GW Primer) Ork Lootas
2x ork warbikers on sprue

Dakka Dakka Thread:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How To: Make Combi Meltas

So, this technique is by no means my own, as I believe I got it off a Dakka Dakka thread. However, this is my implementation of that method, and one which I think is a win...

I for one, think the combi melta is a must have for every sergeant. By having a melta/combi melta in a tactical squad, you double your chances of getting that one melta shot that matters. Most people hate the fact its a single shot, but think about it, you only really ever get the chance to get that one melta shot you need each game.

So, upon closer inspection, youll see how I crafted this. I stripped the top of a bolter off (the sight rails), and basically cut the melta gun right below the ammo tank (painted red here) on the melta gun. I also cut off the melta barrel and glued it a little above the bolter barrel. The trickiest part was actually behind the melta "ammo tank". To make it actual look cohesive, I had to glue on another triangular bolter gun "butt" (again, its right behind the red melta ammo tank). The gun is a little larger than a combi melta from GW, but not really all that noticeable. I like the way this turned out. (Post taken from my old hobby blog, ergo not a space wolf here :-) )

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alternative Model - Thunderwolf

As promised, here is my review of Mr Dandy's Thunder Wolf Calvary model. So lets begin with the pics:

Between these shots, you should get a pretty good look at what the pose of this particular model is. Its not going to be the most dynamic thunder wolf alternative on the market, however it is going to be the most practical. At the bargain price of $15 US, you get yourself the wolf calv, base, and riding legs. While I actually don't mind the Canis Wolfborn model, these are 1/3rd the price so its hard to argue.

Mr Dandy does also offer another full line of "Battle Wolf" mounts as well along side with this "Basic Wolf". That line offers a full array of different posed and crafted models, though they are slightly more expensive at $20 a wolf mount.

Overall, while I have seen a number of better looking wolf mount models, I just couldn't pass on these given they are such a solid value. I am happy with the product as well despite seeing other more detailed and dynamic models. The mold lines and flash are moderate at best on these models, but like with any resin craft mold, its to be expected (just have your hobby knife ready).

Next post, I will continue to show you the progress of my army painting, along with my newest objective markers (my first Hordes model purchase - shifting stones).

Link to Mr Dandy:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Library Book Giveaway Winner

And the winner is...
The March Rider

Congratulations, you will soon be contacted to pick out your choice in a  selection of black library books from my personal library.

As for those of you who are disappointed, don't be! When I get to 35 followers, I will be doing another drawing for another book giveaway. Additionally, you all should do this hobby community a service and visit/follow his/her blog. He/She is in the process of building out an awesome inquisition army with some great conversions (sorry, I had an AI professor at University which made sure I never assumed the sex of someone).

My next post will be coming soon, and will be centered around Mr Dandys Thunderwolf Calvary models (hint: they're pretty good, but perhaps not the best).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

City Ruin Basing Revisit - How To

As those of you who have been following me since day one, you will recognize this post... For those of you who have only been following for a few months, you should enjoy this.

Sorry for the lack of original post, however a few factors have limited my hobby progress. Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3 and the holidays have all take a bit of time away from the modeling. I did however finish my first long fang squad which I will share. More to come soon... Her you go:

As stated yesterday, today im going thru a step by step tutorial on how I build my city ruin bases, which are that added element to any great painted mini to make it look over to the top... Below is the final result of this step by step walk-thru.

To begin, you'll want the following supplies on hand: 
1. Elmers Glue All, Super Glue
2. (Optional) Gale Force 9 - Basing Grit: Medium
3. Black Paint (Chaos Black from GW)
4. Light Grey Paint (Frostbite from P3)
5. Army Painter Razor Wire - 250cm  (4.99 msrp)
6. Old spure from GW kits
7. (Optional) Mig 9 old rust weathering powder (8.99 msrp)

Step 1: Using superglue, glue down some spare sprue bits and a little razor wire to the base. Be sure to cut the sprue bits so they are shaped like a rhombus. I also have some girder plastic card I'm using (white bit on rear base below). Wrap the razor wire around a paintbrush to get it twisting like a barb wire fence prior to gluing it down.

Step 2: Using Elmer's glue, glue down some of the Gale Fore 9 grit, but not too much... Be sure to scoop up some grit and dust from your driveway and mix it with the Gale Force 9 grit. I prefer about a 75/25 mix (of driveway grit to Gale Force 9 grit). When doing this, mix the Elmer's glue with water to thin it out.

Step 3: After the Elmer's glue is dry, apply some drops of super glue over it. Some of the dust wont stick to the Elmers glue, and it adds a nice element, so I believe its important to get it onto the base. Now paint the surface and sprue bits (not the razor wire) all black once dry.

Step 4: Mix the grey paint with the black paint to get a dark grey paint, not dry brush this heavily onto the base, producing a nice looking base, but still a little flat... Using the grey paint alone now (which is a light grey color if your using the P3 Frostbite color), lightly dry brush the base again. Now your ready to rock!

Optional - Take some Mig 9 weathering powder and apply it to the barb wire, and around the base of the barb wire for some added weathering effects.

If you want any commission work done, I will likely use this method for creating the model bases unless requested otherwise. If you want a mass order of these bases, I will do that also...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

How To Build Missile Launchers

With everyones favorite unit (shudders across the web), the Missile Launcher Space Marine can be in high demand and rather expensive to try and field a unit of them. As a newly converted space wolf player, I plan on using two long fang squads in my 1850 point list. So what was I to do? Well, I was to make my own of course.

As you can see I decided to some research on the web and found a way to turn a hunter killer missile into a missile launcher for a marine. And all you need are the below bits, a standard from space marine vehicle kits:

With the use of a razor blade and some patients, you can see I simply clipped one of the arms off the arm turret sprue, shaved down the handle, and you have the perfect arm to hold the hunter killer missile in place. I then used a little super glue, liquid green stuff, and I have myself a missile launcher marine! I then mix these in with true missile launcher marines and I have myself a solid looking long fang squad. Painting is still in progress, but you can see the squad below:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Necrons - Hands On

While this wont be an in depth run-thru of the new Necron Codex, I was able to spend about an hour with it today and dissect some of what I saw. So, here we go (pardon the erratic writing, getting this out asap for you readers)

First off, the staple of ever Necron army is the Necron Warrior, one of the two troops choice offered by the Necrons. At a mild 13 points per warrior, you get a squad ranging from 5 to 20 warriors at S4, T4, I2, A1, Ld10 with a 4+ save and armed with a boltgun equivalent. Along with this, you get reanimation, the new "Will Be Back". In short, after combat or shooting is resolved, on the roll of a 5+ a unit is added back to the squad (which you'll notice differs from a 5+ feel no pain).

Without going into every other unit in the codex, here are a few themes I saw. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of choices outside the troops slot (many HQ choices, Elites, FAs, and Heavies). The army has a lot of access to high strength shooting (a solid 72" S9 AP1 large blast to start) and a lot of bolter/heavy bolter equivalents. With that said, most everything with these high strength guns on it has armor 11, which isnt what I expected. The Necrons also have access to a few walkers, flyers, jet bikes as well, none of which have models for them yet (I expect to see some great conversions here). Be sure to load up with "tokens" here too if your playing Necrons, they using a lot of similar counting/marking methods like Dark Elder introduced. There were a number of rules which leverages tokens...

So, how will the Necrons stack up upon my initial walk thru? Well, from what I gathered I don't believe they will knock the Grey Knights, Imperial Guard or Space Wolves off as a top tier army. I do however think they are in the next bracket with the Blood Angels, Dark Eldar, and Orks. They look to be fully capable of beating any army, and should be a lot of fun to play against. They offer a lot of options, a few of which weren't great, though a number which were pretty strong. I liked what I saw, and didn't see anything which looked too overpowered. I believe it will be a strong seller for GW and Necron players should enjoy having this in their hands... Your Opinions? Your thoughts on how the army stacks up?

Lastly, I am selling a few more BA models. They only have about a half day left on the Auctions...

Assault Terminators with Librarian and Sang Priest:


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Black Library E-Book, Endevour of Will

The Endevour of Will, an Architect of Fate novella released as an E-Book only purchase from BLs website is what I believe (?) to be the first in a series of Space Marine battle books around the Architect of Fate. I recently purchased it and walked thru it in about a week of pre sleep reading sessions.

While this isnt the strongest BL book Ive ever read, it certainly was still enjoyable and well worth the price of admission (the cost of a starbucks vente frappe at 4.99 US), though it is about half or less in length to a standard BL book. The book centers around Captain Lysander and his band of Imperial Fist facing their nemesi, the Iron Warriors across several star fortresses in a battle of survival. We get to see the eternal warrior Lysander in all his glory, and after reading you will understand how he differ from many other notable marines. He sure likes that storm shield of his :-)

I normally wouldn't note this book on my site, however I want to bring it to the attention of the masses. I didn't even realize this thing existed till I was digging thru the BL site looking for my next ebook purchase (after a run of space wolf books in A Thousand Sons, Prospero Burns, and Battle of the Fang). So, if you a fan of the Sons of Dorn or the Iron Warriors, pony up the pocket change and get this novel, you should enjoy it. It should hold you over till you get your hands on The Outcast Dead.

The book can be found here:


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Land Raider Completed

The Wolves of Fenris are going to be rolling into the battlefield with guns blazing, hurricane bolters spewing out the enlightened slugs of the emperor!  I finally finished up the land raider, which took surprisingly long to complete... I did manage to magnetize the side sponsons for easier transport, which was done using some rare earth magnets off ebay for about $3.

Im pleased with how it turned out... Its the flagship battle tank in my armada,  so its got to look good.

All the techniques I used here were the same as described in the razorback articles below. With all the extra surface area, that was the most likely culprit of the additional time needed to wrap this thing up.

I happened to also get my order of thunder wolves or "space wolves" from Mr Dandy today, and Im excited to get those things on the battlefield as well. So much painting to do! I will share pictures of those at a later post. I was sad to see that my Blood Angels Land Raider and Storm Raven sold soooo cheap. Well, at least I'm adding to the world of well painted table top models I suppose. I'll be using that money on the wolves too anyways, so its all good.

Lastly, Im only a few members away from the Black Library novel give away, remember once I get to 25 members Ill be handing out a few black library novels, so join fast to enter the random drawing and you to may win a 40k novel.

Friday, October 21, 2011

BA Models For Sale

Quick Post... I have two items up for auction which will be ending in 2 or so days. A Blood Angel Storm Raven and a Blood Angel Land Raider. See Auctions Below:

Storm Raven:

Land Raider:

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Imperial Armour Master Class Review

Here is my official review of the Forge Worlds first release in the Imperial Armour Model Masterclass series (Volume 1 obviously). Retailing for 39.99, its one of the cheaper volumes released by Forge World.

IA Masterclass contains about a dozen or so detailed models painted by some of the premier model/builder painters. The book is of course very heavy on imperial armor as suggested by the title, with few marine/xenos additions. However, the techniques explored within this book are certainly applicable to any army, so don't let that be a deterrent. The book also goes into a lot of detail on building table terrain and dioramas (one of the tables they walk thru building is the coolest 40K table Ive ever seen). They explain, in nearly step by step fashion how they also build the diorama seen on the cover (with the imperial artillery piece). While it leaves some minor details out, anyone advanced enough to tackle a project like that will be able to fill in all the gaps ( I cant wait to build a display board for adepticon 2012!).

Ive adopted a number of the techniques shared in this book when working on my razorbacks (see previous post), primarily using weathering powders and applying battle damage with a dremel, a toothpick, and green stuff (albeit somewhat bit scary the first time). While Im not going to leverage everything explored (using oil paints and thinner to make streaking stains of metal), a majority of what was explained is useful.

Now, this book is truly for advanced painters only. If you cant paint to the level I'm painting at a minimum, I would believe your probably not going to get a lot of technique out of this book yet (and not to say I'm a master painter, far from it, but I believe I have the minimum skill set needed to paint using these techniques). Having an airbrush and being comfortable with it will also get you a lot further. You will still use a lot of what your learning without an airbrush however, but wont be able to replicate some (about half) of what you see.

So, who should buy this book?
If you do simply like looking over awesome 40k models and miniatures, but aren't a painter or a good painter yet, you will still love this book...  There is enough in this book to keep you drooling and admiring that I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys modeling and 40k. I know several times I have spent 20 minutes here or there just staring at the dioramas and models. Its a MUST BUY in my opinion, and at $40 it wont break the bank. If your a die hard eldar or ork player and dont care about looking at imperial tanks, then you may be the one caveat. Otherwise, its a rock solid purchase at $40, and I'm excited to see what what Volume two brings. Maybe they will get into painting more than just tanks/flyers. As someone who resells every model/codex I don't foresee using again, and even though I have many of the technique down after reading them 40 times, I'm holding onto this book for good... Go head to your local GW store and pick it up today!

Link to site with more excerpts from the book

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Razorbacks Painting Complete

Well, it took slightly longer than expected, but I completed the wolves razorbacks. Ive also just about completed another commission for blood angels razorbacks as well. Its taken time away from proceeding with the wolves, but its also let me refine my list (Ive made a number of changes from the post below).

Here are some pics of the BA razorbacks in progress:

Now, again, I dont need to hear about how the emperors finest would never use a camo pattern (I think it looks to good not to). I plan on using the same painting pattern on the Land Raider and Predator, and the land raider is in progress so pics of that to come soon (though, the predator will no likely be in the 1850 list anymore). I did learn on thing today about inks/washes as well, they make painting headlights/lenses soooo easy! The headlight on the razorbacks above and the lenses on the TLL turrets were all painted with layers of yellow and green/red washes respectively. Ill post on this one later, but take that to note (base layer of space wolf grey with a heavy wash makes an awesome lens with lens flare and the convex shape leaves less wash in the center of the lens).

I have a lot of Blood Angels up for sale or trade also, see here:
Well Painted Blood Angels Land Radier, Assault Termies, Storm Raven, etc

My last bit of news is around my commission schedule. Im totally clear folks, and Ive been in such a rhino chassis painting mood, that I'm throwing a Rhino/Razorback Sale up! I will paint a rhino for 45$ (plus $30 for model) or razorback for $50 (plus $35 for model). Tiger Stripping, Weathering, Rusting, or any special conversions cost extra... Limited time only! If interested, leave a comment in this post or email me thru my profile.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

1750 Wolf List - Attack it

So, below if my first attempt at build out a wolves list at 1750 pts. I currently have all the models I need outside the Thunderwolves (here I come Mr.Dandy) and the Rune Priest (anyone have one to sell, hard to find oddly enough), so I will so be ready to rock this bad boy out on the table top soon. The wolf guard will be split as follows; G1 with 10x Grey Hunters in LR as a dedicated transport, G2 with the scouts, and G3/4 with the 5 man squads in razorbacks. Outside of that, you should be able to see what Im going for with this list...

With that said, any criticisms any of you would like to share (this is the internet after all)? I have an fairly extensive background in playing with both space marines and blood angels, but this will be my first go at it with the wolves. I know I should drop the predator for a third long fang squad, however I not only like the predator as a model on the table top, but I do believe the S9 AP2 offers some value against AV 12+ targets (GK Dreadnoughts, Storm Ravens, Chimeras) which are present in the current meta game. As the title says - ATTACK IT! Let me know what you love/hate!



Wolf Battle Leader 70 170

P. Fist 25

S.Shield 30

Thunder Wolf 45

Rune Priest 100 100

Jaws of the W. Wolf

Living Lightning



Wolf Guard

Guard 1 18 48

Terminator Armor 15

P. First 10

C. Melta 5

Guard 2 18 43

P. Fist 20

C. Melta 5

Guard 3 & 4 18 46

C. Melta 5

Land Raider Crusader 250 260

M.Melta 10

5x Wolf Scouts 75 85

Melta Gun 10



10x Grey Hunters 150 185

2x Plasma 10

P. Weapon 15

Wolf Banner 10

5x Grey Hunters 75 155

Melta Gun 5

Razorback w. TLL 75

5x Grey Hunters 75 155

Melta Gun 5

Razorback w. TLL 75


2x Thunder Wolves 100 155 155

P. Fist 25

S.Shield 30



5x Long Fangs 75 115

4x Missiles 40

5x Long Fangs 75 115

4x Missiles 40

Predator 60 120

Lascannons 60

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Black Library Book giveaway!

So I have a few black library books sitting around that Ive finished up and I figure what better to do with them than give them away to my followers! So, with that said, simply follow my blog, and when I
get 25 members I will be giving away the below books to a random follower, along with any others I happen to read:

-Salamander & Firedrake (Tomb of Fire Trilogy) - Salamanders, Chaos Marines and Dark Eldar
-Blood Angels Omnibus - Blood Angels, Chaos
-Fulgrim (Horus Heresy Book 5 - Drop Site Massacre)- Emperors Children, Chaos

I will contact the winners when I get to 25 followers!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Imperial Armor Paint 2

I continue to work on the razorbacks, and am near completing them both. The use of an airbrush had probably led to a 3-4x increase in efficiency... Especially when painting the number of layers I do (4-5 layers plus washes). Well, for some reason my last post wasnt picked up in the blogrolls, so sorry if this is a repost for some of you. For others, scroll down to the last post to see how I did it... If you like it :-)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Imperial Armour Painting

 First of all, dont tell me space marines dont use camouflage! I know I know, these painting techniques are usually reserved for Imperial Guard chassis, however I loved the look and had to run with it. So if you want to see how I did it, keep on reading...

So, in order to be able achieve this look, refer to my prior post first about painting battle damage. The same technique I use on my grey hunters in past post were used here. Its how I get the battle damage effect.

After applying the battle damage undercoat with masking fluid, I went ahead and applied the base layer to the razorback. Take a look at the razorback to the right... Its been painted with a coating of codex grey, follow up with a light brushing of space wolf grey (both with the airbrush). I then applied a heavy coating of GW brown wash. Now im ready to proceed with the taping.


 I found that by layering masking tape (painters tape) in staggered layers as seen here, I was able to create a 10 inch by 7 inch square of tape perfect for this. I then cut strips into a zig-zag pattern using an razor blade. Take a look below to get a sense of the pattern I use (cutting on a glass plate works fine as the tape keep sticky).

 By applying the tape cut patterns to the tank, your on your next step to getting the look were aiming for. I decided to go for a light stripe pattern, so below the dark grey color is where the tape was applied. I used space wolf grey and applied it modestly with the airbrush to get a nice coating, producing the look you see here:

From my previous tutorial on battle damage, and this post, you should be able to replicate the look I went for if you so choose. I recommend using two shades of the same color to get a nice clean yet definitive tiger stripping.

You can also look at my past post on Battle Damage for Vehicles to see how I get the impact craters seen in this picture. As for the rusting (around the exhaust vents), I simply used a combination of Mig Dark Rust weathering powder and brown wash, applied it to an edge, then ran a dry brush past it to get it to run down the side of the tank.

What do you think? If you like what you see, I will paint up any IG/Marine chassis for you on the cheap! Im looking to try a few different color schemes if your not willing to try it yourself but like the look. Email me if your interested.