Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ork Nobz and Warboss

Here are a number of Ork Nobz and Da Warboss that I took to a local 1250 point tournament (held at the local GW Store) back in March. I finished forth, which isnt too shabby for playing da boyz for the first time. Im still working thru a number of orks, but Ive had to bench them in favor of the 9th Legion Blood Angels of course. Read more about Warboss awesomeness below. He performed like a beast in battle, who knew...

 The Warboss on the bike is the defacto HQ for orks in my opinion... Sure, the Big Mek with KFF is likely the most commonly used Ork HQ (I also run him in 1500 points or higher), but Ill never leave Da Boss at home. For the low low price of around 150 points, you get a toughness 6 monster with 5 attacks base (attack squig is a must) at strength 10 and 3 wounds. On top of it all, you turbo boost him for the cover save.

One  game against a White Scars army, he went thru a unit of assault terminators (4 LC, 1 THSS) before stomping a land raider (he was obviously still hungry). He was just getting started though, as in the last game of the day, he shredded 2 10x man assault marine squads after using that can opening klaw to pop the rhinos.