Thursday, August 25, 2011

Commission Work Update and Wolves Progress

Ive continued on building out the wolves, using the battle damage technique explained in the brush brothers tutorial per my last post. See below:

I picked up about 25 wolves, 10 wolf termies and the SW codex for $60 bucks off ebay, what a deal! A few of the models need stripping, as they were painted with some uber heavy primer (krylon im guessing) and have too little detail for me to use. Otherwise though, the mark of the wolfen is in full effect! This is what happens when all the wolf players go to grey knights, great deals on ebay!

Additionally, Ive managed to complete my first commission! It turned out to be a fruitful experience, and I managed to turn my first customer into a repeat customer. Ive put the proceeds aside into getting an iwata airbrush compressor and some more wolves of course... I'm excited to have completed that first step and am now looking for more commission work from anyone who is interested... At the moment I specialize in power armor, orks, vehicles (guard too), and am looking to start small (a squad and transport perhaps).  Shoot me an email or leave a comment if your interested...

Lastly, I have an Ork battlewagon I'm selling on ebay which I painted a few years ago. Its not up to my current standard, but I still consider it a high table top quality model (only 2 days left, only up to $51 at the moment):

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Battle Damage - One Tutorial to rule them all

So, I have gotten a lot of awesome feedback on how the battle damage looks... As it turns out it wasn't all that difficult either. All I had to do was follow a tutorial written by the Brush Brothers (image from BB blog which I followed). I was going to write up my own modified process, however it would never be as comprehensive as the original.

Awesome step by step tutorial on how I did my battle damage, using the brush brothers technique:

Now, if you interested in how to use this technique, and have the materials I listed last post to get started, start with the above link. All in all, its 8 stages (posts) from the BB blog. Simply click on newer post at the bottom of each post to proceed further to the next stage. One note however, don't be afraid that your getting too much masking fluid on the model. I don't mean too much coverage (unless you want to have the entire model looks like its damaged), but having it on too thick where you do want the damage to be located.

Now, as for the airbursh, I believe this make from Iwata is the best all around airbrush for modeling that reasonable. I currently use this model, and its been great to work with.

Ill post more on technique later when I learn more. As for now, just remember, spraying less is better... Its easy to cake on that paint an airbrush if your not careful.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Battle Damage - Tutorial

For the longest time, I would browse through cool mini or not, and look at the space marines with "battle damage" and wonder in awe how they did it. I tried a variety of methods and never could get the results I was looking for. Well no longer!

Now this is my first space wolf model Ive ever painted and I can say, I really love the way it turned out... In fact, my beloved blood angels may be hitting the market given how much I like the way it turned out. Ive always felt the heart of a wolf inside this vampire body, but now, this may tip my favor toward the wolves. However more to come on that later... Next post, I'll explain how I did this (or how I learned to do this), but for now decide if you like this look.

If you do like this you'll need the following material to start with:
-Black Primer (GW or P3 are my favorites, P3 is however 2/3rds the price)
-Dark Flesh GW Paint
-Blazing Orange GW Paint
-Vermin Brown GW paint
-Vellejo Masking Fluid
- AND preferably an airbrush... I just got one 2 weeks ago, wish I had it years ago.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

City Ruin Bases - Tutorial Part II

As stated yesterday, today im going thru a step by step tutorial on how I build my city ruin bases, which are that added element to any great painted mini to make it look over to the top... Below is the final result of this step by step walk-thru.

 If you want, I am currently selling some bases on Ebay too for $13.99, however there is only 1 day left - Ebay Auction for Bases

To begin, you'll want the following supplies on hand: 
1. Elmers Glue All, Super Glue
2. (Optional) Gale Force 9 - Basing Grit: Medium
3. Black Paint (Chaos Black from GW)
4. Light Grey Paint (Frostbite from P3)
5. Army Painter Razor Wire - 250cm  (4.99 msrp)
6. Old spure from GW kits
7. (Optional) Mig 9 old rust weathering powder (8.99 msrp)

Step 1: Using superglue, glue down some spare sprue bits and a little razor wire to the base. Be sure to cut the sprue bits so they are shaped like a rhombus. I also have some girder plastic card I'm using (white bit on rear base below). Wrap the razor wire around a paintbrush to get it twisting like a barb wire fence prior to gluing it down.

Step 2: Using Elmer's glue, glue down some of the Gale Fore 9 grit, but not too much... Be sure to scoop up some grit and dust from your driveway and mix it with the Gale Force 9 grit. I prefer about a 75/25 mix (of driveway grit to Gale Force 9 grit). When doing this, mix the Elmer's glue with water to thin it out.

Step 3: After the Elmer's glue is dry, apply some drops of super glue over it. Some of the dust wont stick to the Elmers glue, and it adds a nice element, so I believe its important to get it onto the base. Now paint the surface and sprue bits (not the razor wire) all black once dry.

Step 4: Mix the grey paint with the black paint to get a dark grey paint, not dry brush this heavily onto the base, producing a nice looking base, but still a little flat... Using the grey paint alone now (which is a light grey color if your using the P3 Frostbite color), lightly dry brush the base again. Now your ready to rock!

Optional - Take some Mig 9 weathering powder and apply it to the barb wire, and around the base of the barb wire for some added weathering effects.

If you want any commission work done, I will likely use this method for creating the model bases unless requested otherwise. If you want a mass order of these bases, I will do that also...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

City Ruin Bases - Tutorial

While I'm constantly refining my painting skills, I do believe I have come across a good recipe for making city ruin basis that I'm more than happy with. At one time, I spent a decent amount of coin on basing materials from GW and Gale Force 9... No longer however, as I finally did what everyone says to do, went outside and scrapped up some dirt, dust and gravel from my driveway. Along with barb wire from Army Painter (250 cm for 4.99 at your local hobby shop) and some old sprue, Ive built a city ruin base that I love. See below:

The base in the background consist of some loose gravel, dust, sprue chunks (to represent builders/building materials),  before I started painting it. The two in the foreground are obvious after slather done some paint.

Next post ill go into detail on how I make my bases step by step, but for now, before you go and buy basing materials, simply walk outside and scoop up some gravel and bits...