Sunday, August 14, 2011

Battle Damage - Tutorial

For the longest time, I would browse through cool mini or not, and look at the space marines with "battle damage" and wonder in awe how they did it. I tried a variety of methods and never could get the results I was looking for. Well no longer!

Now this is my first space wolf model Ive ever painted and I can say, I really love the way it turned out... In fact, my beloved blood angels may be hitting the market given how much I like the way it turned out. Ive always felt the heart of a wolf inside this vampire body, but now, this may tip my favor toward the wolves. However more to come on that later... Next post, I'll explain how I did this (or how I learned to do this), but for now decide if you like this look.

If you do like this you'll need the following material to start with:
-Black Primer (GW or P3 are my favorites, P3 is however 2/3rds the price)
-Dark Flesh GW Paint
-Blazing Orange GW Paint
-Vermin Brown GW paint
-Vellejo Masking Fluid
- AND preferably an airbrush... I just got one 2 weeks ago, wish I had it years ago.