Saturday, August 6, 2011

City Ruin Bases - Tutorial

While I'm constantly refining my painting skills, I do believe I have come across a good recipe for making city ruin basis that I'm more than happy with. At one time, I spent a decent amount of coin on basing materials from GW and Gale Force 9... No longer however, as I finally did what everyone says to do, went outside and scrapped up some dirt, dust and gravel from my driveway. Along with barb wire from Army Painter (250 cm for 4.99 at your local hobby shop) and some old sprue, Ive built a city ruin base that I love. See below:

The base in the background consist of some loose gravel, dust, sprue chunks (to represent builders/building materials),  before I started painting it. The two in the foreground are obvious after slather done some paint.

Next post ill go into detail on how I make my bases step by step, but for now, before you go and buy basing materials, simply walk outside and scoop up some gravel and bits...