Thursday, August 25, 2011

Commission Work Update and Wolves Progress

Ive continued on building out the wolves, using the battle damage technique explained in the brush brothers tutorial per my last post. See below:

I picked up about 25 wolves, 10 wolf termies and the SW codex for $60 bucks off ebay, what a deal! A few of the models need stripping, as they were painted with some uber heavy primer (krylon im guessing) and have too little detail for me to use. Otherwise though, the mark of the wolfen is in full effect! This is what happens when all the wolf players go to grey knights, great deals on ebay!

Additionally, Ive managed to complete my first commission! It turned out to be a fruitful experience, and I managed to turn my first customer into a repeat customer. Ive put the proceeds aside into getting an iwata airbrush compressor and some more wolves of course... I'm excited to have completed that first step and am now looking for more commission work from anyone who is interested... At the moment I specialize in power armor, orks, vehicles (guard too), and am looking to start small (a squad and transport perhaps).  Shoot me an email or leave a comment if your interested...

Lastly, I have an Ork battlewagon I'm selling on ebay which I painted a few years ago. Its not up to my current standard, but I still consider it a high table top quality model (only 2 days left, only up to $51 at the moment):