Saturday, September 10, 2011

Battle Damage on Vehicles - Imperial Armour Technique

I continue to work on the Wolves, and after picking up Imperial Amour Master Class Volume 1 (a must have - this will be a future post), I decided to proceed in building out my razorbacks and land raider using both the battle damage techniques I explored in prior post and those shared in IAMV1. As you can see, the first step was to prime and assemble the chassis of the amour. Next, and this is where you have to take a leap of faith, is to whip out the dremel and begin to grind/carve out some small gaps in the armor. See Below:

*I tested out this technique first on the bottom of the razorback base, something I recommend you do as well...

 Testing dremel damage technique on bottom of model:

Now, after drilling out a divot, I use green stuff to fill in the hole, and scrape of all the excess putty with a razorblade. I then began to use a toothpick to carve out impact craters:

So Im now at the step where im going to begin using the rust base coat technique described in my previous post on battle damage/masking fluid.

This is where Im at thus far, so more to come in a future post on the next steps... 
Here is a picture of my airbrush and paint station as well:

And Lastly, im looking to part ways with my storm raven... Im looking for a sell/trade, email me if your interested. More trade opportunities to come...