Friday, September 16, 2011

Battle Damage Painted Wolves & Models for Sale

Im about wrapped up with first squad of grey hunters, and progress is moving along swiftly. For my initial 1850 list, Ill be fielding anywhere from 20-25 grey hunters so I still have a ways to go, however Im confident ill be have the list wrapped up and tested plenty prior to next years Adpeticon.

As someone who is new to the wolves, im still working my way thru the list building process, though I have a solid 1500 points set in stone that I know ill enjoy playing. The last 350 points is always the trickiest though. While im tempted to build out a squad of Thunder Wolves led by a Wolf Lord, I just arent yet certain that quad will be worth it in a competitive setting.

Im also selling some of Blood Angels on Ebay if you interested... The captain/sergeant with powerfirst below isnt even at 15$ yet! He could be your for a low low price of 15$....

Furioso New On Sprue- Click Here
Jump Pack Assault Marine Squad - High Table Top Painted - Click Here
High Table Top Quality Captain/Sergeant - Click Here
Battle for Space Marine Novels 1-3 - Click Here