Saturday, September 24, 2011

Imperial Armour Painting

 First of all, dont tell me space marines dont use camouflage! I know I know, these painting techniques are usually reserved for Imperial Guard chassis, however I loved the look and had to run with it. So if you want to see how I did it, keep on reading...

So, in order to be able achieve this look, refer to my prior post first about painting battle damage. The same technique I use on my grey hunters in past post were used here. Its how I get the battle damage effect.

After applying the battle damage undercoat with masking fluid, I went ahead and applied the base layer to the razorback. Take a look at the razorback to the right... Its been painted with a coating of codex grey, follow up with a light brushing of space wolf grey (both with the airbrush). I then applied a heavy coating of GW brown wash. Now im ready to proceed with the taping.


 I found that by layering masking tape (painters tape) in staggered layers as seen here, I was able to create a 10 inch by 7 inch square of tape perfect for this. I then cut strips into a zig-zag pattern using an razor blade. Take a look below to get a sense of the pattern I use (cutting on a glass plate works fine as the tape keep sticky).

 By applying the tape cut patterns to the tank, your on your next step to getting the look were aiming for. I decided to go for a light stripe pattern, so below the dark grey color is where the tape was applied. I used space wolf grey and applied it modestly with the airbrush to get a nice coating, producing the look you see here:

From my previous tutorial on battle damage, and this post, you should be able to replicate the look I went for if you so choose. I recommend using two shades of the same color to get a nice clean yet definitive tiger stripping.

You can also look at my past post on Battle Damage for Vehicles to see how I get the impact craters seen in this picture. As for the rusting (around the exhaust vents), I simply used a combination of Mig Dark Rust weathering powder and brown wash, applied it to an edge, then ran a dry brush past it to get it to run down the side of the tank.

What do you think? If you like what you see, I will paint up any IG/Marine chassis for you on the cheap! Im looking to try a few different color schemes if your not willing to try it yourself but like the look. Email me if your interested.