Thursday, September 1, 2011

Painting the Sons of Sanguinius

Just prior to working on my wolves, I was in the process of rebuilding my beloved Sons of Sanguinius. By using the airbrush, I found I was able to an incredibly smooth looking red color using 4 or 5 coats of different shades of red.  These models were painted prior to the discovery of the battle damage technique I'm using on my wolves.

I tried using a another technique for battle damage (prior to experimenting with masking fluid) for making the BAs looks a little more battle hearty, but I found the rust colors do not work well with a red model, It was difficult to even see the effect. I would think however if I did it again with a black base and a silver/rust coat (similar to the use of the blazing orange and vermin brown from the battle damage tutorial), that would look great with the red BA models. If anyone tries this, let me know how it turns out...

Unlike with the wolves, I did begin to experiment with a "glowing eyes" effect on the BAs. While its not that prominent in these models, If you were to look at the model closely, it does portray a nice lens glow upon inspection of the helmet. I also thought the yellow helmets turned out incredibly well too, as Ive had issues in the past getting a nice clean yellow color (as im sure we all have). The key is to use a Bronzed Flesh base, or simply be patient in painting many thin layers of yellow (using a yellow ink helps too).

Now, before I leave this post to continue my work on the wolves, a little note on the BAs turnout at the Nova Open. For anyone who was following the Nova, you will have notice that there was only 1 BA player to make it into the top eight tables... Come on folks, I want to see the BAs win a GT! I was disappointed to read Jawaballs is turning to the Grey Knights for his "competitive army". I will speak more on this later... As for me and my flip to the wolves, that was more of a hobby choice than a competitive one. After seeing how the battle damaged wolf test model turned out, I knew I had to keep going with it. I do however wish I had tried the same technique on the BAs with the black/silver/rust combo as said above, as it may have kept me with the BAs.

Lastly, I have finished up my second commission. This time it was for a pair of BA razorbacks, with another BA las predator being ordered as we speak. So I am open for business folks, and Im working to make a fair deal for anyone who is looking for some commission work. Let me know if your interested!


The results of the Nova Open per DakkaDakka. BAs did better than GK and Wolves on average!

5 x Dark Angels (23-17) 57.5%
22 x Blood Angels (97-79) 55.1%
32 x Grey Knights (140-116) 54.7%
25 x Space Wolves (106-94) 53%
21 x Imperial Guard (88-80) 52.4%
14 x Dark Eldar (58-54) 51.8%
10 x Ork (39-41) 48.8%
4 x Witch Hunters (15-17) 46.9%
6 x Black Templars (26-30) 46.4%
3 x Necron (11-13) 45.8%
27 x Space Marines (96-120) 44.4%
6 x Eldar (21-27) 43.8%
10 x Tyranids (34-46) 42.5%
6 x Tau (18-30) 37.5%
6 x Chaos Space Marines (16-32) 33.3%
6 x Chaos Daemons (16-32) 33.3%