Sunday, October 30, 2011

Black Library E-Book, Endevour of Will

The Endevour of Will, an Architect of Fate novella released as an E-Book only purchase from BLs website is what I believe (?) to be the first in a series of Space Marine battle books around the Architect of Fate. I recently purchased it and walked thru it in about a week of pre sleep reading sessions.

While this isnt the strongest BL book Ive ever read, it certainly was still enjoyable and well worth the price of admission (the cost of a starbucks vente frappe at 4.99 US), though it is about half or less in length to a standard BL book. The book centers around Captain Lysander and his band of Imperial Fist facing their nemesi, the Iron Warriors across several star fortresses in a battle of survival. We get to see the eternal warrior Lysander in all his glory, and after reading you will understand how he differ from many other notable marines. He sure likes that storm shield of his :-)

I normally wouldn't note this book on my site, however I want to bring it to the attention of the masses. I didn't even realize this thing existed till I was digging thru the BL site looking for my next ebook purchase (after a run of space wolf books in A Thousand Sons, Prospero Burns, and Battle of the Fang). So, if you a fan of the Sons of Dorn or the Iron Warriors, pony up the pocket change and get this novel, you should enjoy it. It should hold you over till you get your hands on The Outcast Dead.

The book can be found here: