Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Land Raider Completed

The Wolves of Fenris are going to be rolling into the battlefield with guns blazing, hurricane bolters spewing out the enlightened slugs of the emperor!  I finally finished up the land raider, which took surprisingly long to complete... I did manage to magnetize the side sponsons for easier transport, which was done using some rare earth magnets off ebay for about $3.

Im pleased with how it turned out... Its the flagship battle tank in my armada,  so its got to look good.

All the techniques I used here were the same as described in the razorback articles below. With all the extra surface area, that was the most likely culprit of the additional time needed to wrap this thing up.

I happened to also get my order of thunder wolves or "space wolves" from Mr Dandy today, and Im excited to get those things on the battlefield as well. So much painting to do! I will share pictures of those at a later post. I was sad to see that my Blood Angels Land Raider and Storm Raven sold soooo cheap. Well, at least I'm adding to the world of well painted table top models I suppose. I'll be using that money on the wolves too anyways, so its all good.

Lastly, Im only a few members away from the Black Library novel give away, remember once I get to 25 members Ill be handing out a few black library novels, so join fast to enter the random drawing and you to may win a 40k novel.