Sunday, October 9, 2011

Razorbacks Painting Complete

Well, it took slightly longer than expected, but I completed the wolves razorbacks. Ive also just about completed another commission for blood angels razorbacks as well. Its taken time away from proceeding with the wolves, but its also let me refine my list (Ive made a number of changes from the post below).

Here are some pics of the BA razorbacks in progress:

Now, again, I dont need to hear about how the emperors finest would never use a camo pattern (I think it looks to good not to). I plan on using the same painting pattern on the Land Raider and Predator, and the land raider is in progress so pics of that to come soon (though, the predator will no likely be in the 1850 list anymore). I did learn on thing today about inks/washes as well, they make painting headlights/lenses soooo easy! The headlight on the razorbacks above and the lenses on the TLL turrets were all painted with layers of yellow and green/red washes respectively. Ill post on this one later, but take that to note (base layer of space wolf grey with a heavy wash makes an awesome lens with lens flare and the convex shape leaves less wash in the center of the lens).

I have a lot of Blood Angels up for sale or trade also, see here:
Well Painted Blood Angels Land Radier, Assault Termies, Storm Raven, etc

My last bit of news is around my commission schedule. Im totally clear folks, and Ive been in such a rhino chassis painting mood, that I'm throwing a Rhino/Razorback Sale up! I will paint a rhino for 45$ (plus $30 for model) or razorback for $50 (plus $35 for model). Tiger Stripping, Weathering, Rusting, or any special conversions cost extra... Limited time only! If interested, leave a comment in this post or email me thru my profile.