Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Library Book Giveaway Winner

And the winner is...
The March Rider

Congratulations, you will soon be contacted to pick out your choice in a  selection of black library books from my personal library.

As for those of you who are disappointed, don't be! When I get to 35 followers, I will be doing another drawing for another book giveaway. Additionally, you all should do this hobby community a service and visit/follow his/her blog. He/She is in the process of building out an awesome inquisition army with some great conversions (sorry, I had an AI professor at University which made sure I never assumed the sex of someone).

My next post will be coming soon, and will be centered around Mr Dandys Thunderwolf Calvary models (hint: they're pretty good, but perhaps not the best).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

City Ruin Basing Revisit - How To

As those of you who have been following me since day one, you will recognize this post... For those of you who have only been following for a few months, you should enjoy this.

Sorry for the lack of original post, however a few factors have limited my hobby progress. Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3 and the holidays have all take a bit of time away from the modeling. I did however finish my first long fang squad which I will share. More to come soon... Her you go:

As stated yesterday, today im going thru a step by step tutorial on how I build my city ruin bases, which are that added element to any great painted mini to make it look over to the top... Below is the final result of this step by step walk-thru.

To begin, you'll want the following supplies on hand: 
1. Elmers Glue All, Super Glue
2. (Optional) Gale Force 9 - Basing Grit: Medium
3. Black Paint (Chaos Black from GW)
4. Light Grey Paint (Frostbite from P3)
5. Army Painter Razor Wire - 250cm  (4.99 msrp)
6. Old spure from GW kits
7. (Optional) Mig 9 old rust weathering powder (8.99 msrp)

Step 1: Using superglue, glue down some spare sprue bits and a little razor wire to the base. Be sure to cut the sprue bits so they are shaped like a rhombus. I also have some girder plastic card I'm using (white bit on rear base below). Wrap the razor wire around a paintbrush to get it twisting like a barb wire fence prior to gluing it down.

Step 2: Using Elmer's glue, glue down some of the Gale Fore 9 grit, but not too much... Be sure to scoop up some grit and dust from your driveway and mix it with the Gale Force 9 grit. I prefer about a 75/25 mix (of driveway grit to Gale Force 9 grit). When doing this, mix the Elmer's glue with water to thin it out.

Step 3: After the Elmer's glue is dry, apply some drops of super glue over it. Some of the dust wont stick to the Elmers glue, and it adds a nice element, so I believe its important to get it onto the base. Now paint the surface and sprue bits (not the razor wire) all black once dry.

Step 4: Mix the grey paint with the black paint to get a dark grey paint, not dry brush this heavily onto the base, producing a nice looking base, but still a little flat... Using the grey paint alone now (which is a light grey color if your using the P3 Frostbite color), lightly dry brush the base again. Now your ready to rock!

Optional - Take some Mig 9 weathering powder and apply it to the barb wire, and around the base of the barb wire for some added weathering effects.

If you want any commission work done, I will likely use this method for creating the model bases unless requested otherwise. If you want a mass order of these bases, I will do that also...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

How To Build Missile Launchers

With everyones favorite unit (shudders across the web), the Missile Launcher Space Marine can be in high demand and rather expensive to try and field a unit of them. As a newly converted space wolf player, I plan on using two long fang squads in my 1850 point list. So what was I to do? Well, I was to make my own of course.

As you can see I decided to some research on the web and found a way to turn a hunter killer missile into a missile launcher for a marine. And all you need are the below bits, a standard from space marine vehicle kits:

With the use of a razor blade and some patients, you can see I simply clipped one of the arms off the arm turret sprue, shaved down the handle, and you have the perfect arm to hold the hunter killer missile in place. I then used a little super glue, liquid green stuff, and I have myself a missile launcher marine! I then mix these in with true missile launcher marines and I have myself a solid looking long fang squad. Painting is still in progress, but you can see the squad below:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Necrons - Hands On

While this wont be an in depth run-thru of the new Necron Codex, I was able to spend about an hour with it today and dissect some of what I saw. So, here we go (pardon the erratic writing, getting this out asap for you readers)

First off, the staple of ever Necron army is the Necron Warrior, one of the two troops choice offered by the Necrons. At a mild 13 points per warrior, you get a squad ranging from 5 to 20 warriors at S4, T4, I2, A1, Ld10 with a 4+ save and armed with a boltgun equivalent. Along with this, you get reanimation, the new "Will Be Back". In short, after combat or shooting is resolved, on the roll of a 5+ a unit is added back to the squad (which you'll notice differs from a 5+ feel no pain).

Without going into every other unit in the codex, here are a few themes I saw. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of choices outside the troops slot (many HQ choices, Elites, FAs, and Heavies). The army has a lot of access to high strength shooting (a solid 72" S9 AP1 large blast to start) and a lot of bolter/heavy bolter equivalents. With that said, most everything with these high strength guns on it has armor 11, which isnt what I expected. The Necrons also have access to a few walkers, flyers, jet bikes as well, none of which have models for them yet (I expect to see some great conversions here). Be sure to load up with "tokens" here too if your playing Necrons, they using a lot of similar counting/marking methods like Dark Elder introduced. There were a number of rules which leverages tokens...

So, how will the Necrons stack up upon my initial walk thru? Well, from what I gathered I don't believe they will knock the Grey Knights, Imperial Guard or Space Wolves off as a top tier army. I do however think they are in the next bracket with the Blood Angels, Dark Eldar, and Orks. They look to be fully capable of beating any army, and should be a lot of fun to play against. They offer a lot of options, a few of which weren't great, though a number which were pretty strong. I liked what I saw, and didn't see anything which looked too overpowered. I believe it will be a strong seller for GW and Necron players should enjoy having this in their hands... Your Opinions? Your thoughts on how the army stacks up?

Lastly, I am selling a few more BA models. They only have about a half day left on the Auctions...

Assault Terminators with Librarian and Sang Priest: