Sunday, November 13, 2011

How To Build Missile Launchers

With everyones favorite unit (shudders across the web), the Missile Launcher Space Marine can be in high demand and rather expensive to try and field a unit of them. As a newly converted space wolf player, I plan on using two long fang squads in my 1850 point list. So what was I to do? Well, I was to make my own of course.

As you can see I decided to some research on the web and found a way to turn a hunter killer missile into a missile launcher for a marine. And all you need are the below bits, a standard from space marine vehicle kits:

With the use of a razor blade and some patients, you can see I simply clipped one of the arms off the arm turret sprue, shaved down the handle, and you have the perfect arm to hold the hunter killer missile in place. I then used a little super glue, liquid green stuff, and I have myself a missile launcher marine! I then mix these in with true missile launcher marines and I have myself a solid looking long fang squad. Painting is still in progress, but you can see the squad below: