Saturday, November 5, 2011

Necrons - Hands On

While this wont be an in depth run-thru of the new Necron Codex, I was able to spend about an hour with it today and dissect some of what I saw. So, here we go (pardon the erratic writing, getting this out asap for you readers)

First off, the staple of ever Necron army is the Necron Warrior, one of the two troops choice offered by the Necrons. At a mild 13 points per warrior, you get a squad ranging from 5 to 20 warriors at S4, T4, I2, A1, Ld10 with a 4+ save and armed with a boltgun equivalent. Along with this, you get reanimation, the new "Will Be Back". In short, after combat or shooting is resolved, on the roll of a 5+ a unit is added back to the squad (which you'll notice differs from a 5+ feel no pain).

Without going into every other unit in the codex, here are a few themes I saw. There are a lot, and I mean a lot of choices outside the troops slot (many HQ choices, Elites, FAs, and Heavies). The army has a lot of access to high strength shooting (a solid 72" S9 AP1 large blast to start) and a lot of bolter/heavy bolter equivalents. With that said, most everything with these high strength guns on it has armor 11, which isnt what I expected. The Necrons also have access to a few walkers, flyers, jet bikes as well, none of which have models for them yet (I expect to see some great conversions here). Be sure to load up with "tokens" here too if your playing Necrons, they using a lot of similar counting/marking methods like Dark Elder introduced. There were a number of rules which leverages tokens...

So, how will the Necrons stack up upon my initial walk thru? Well, from what I gathered I don't believe they will knock the Grey Knights, Imperial Guard or Space Wolves off as a top tier army. I do however think they are in the next bracket with the Blood Angels, Dark Eldar, and Orks. They look to be fully capable of beating any army, and should be a lot of fun to play against. They offer a lot of options, a few of which weren't great, though a number which were pretty strong. I liked what I saw, and didn't see anything which looked too overpowered. I believe it will be a strong seller for GW and Necron players should enjoy having this in their hands... Your Opinions? Your thoughts on how the army stacks up?

Lastly, I am selling a few more BA models. They only have about a half day left on the Auctions...

Assault Terminators with Librarian and Sang Priest: