Saturday, December 31, 2011

Painted Orks - Complete for Trade

I am looking to trade away my beloved orks... While I loved playing the orks, feel they are competative, and had the most fun playing them, I found my new project once the wolves are completed. Im moving onto the Death Guard. So, with that said, if your interested in the orks I will sell them or trade them for Chaos Space Marines (Plague Marines, Obliterators, SM/CSM Rhinos, Chaos Marines, Typhus), so make me an offer!

I have 5x painted nobz (4 big choppaz and 1 klaw), 1 painted warboss on bike, 20x shoota boys, 18 choppa boyz, pain boy, big mek with kff, and 8x lootas (if not painted it will be primed outside the painboy or big mek).

Contact me thru the blog, email me (daschenk at gmail dot come), or leave a comment and ill fire back...

Here Da Orks:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make Objective Markers - Space Wolves

So, Ive taken a week off from painting the wolves after finishing up the last of the long fangs. However, I did begin to work on my objective markers. Lone behold, I did ultimately paint a Warmachine model! You seeing a "shifting stone" below, which means nothing to me other than its a wicked good space wolf objective marker or a solid chooser of the slain model for your rune priest.

For a low low price of $7.99, I picked up pack of these (contains 3 stones) off eBay. Im going to be painting each of them a slightly different color (stone above, bronze, and a silver one).  

I also managed to get my first death guard unit, a nurgle daemon prince which will begin to be painted once the wolves are complete. Im in the process of snagging two plague marine sqauds now too.

Lastly, I got in my first game with the wolves! It was a solid experience and a ton of fun. For not playing a game in months, I'd forgotten how much fun It was to get on the table top and roll them dice. I will get into more on this later, but lets just say I left the Dark Elder Kabal in ruins, but was that enough in a multi objective game? If it were kill points the SW would have won solidly 9 to 2, but those raiders are a pain for late game objective grabs! 

Still looking to trade away some Orks and BAs too (see below):

Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To: Making Long Fangs Missiles

Ive continued my work on the Space Wolf Longfangs and am happy with the results! See it here:

Im not 100% completed, but Im oh so very close...  From above, you can see about half of the long fangs are using missile launchers made from Hunter Killer vehicles kits, as I explained in my previous how to post below. These guys will be split into my 2x 4 man missile launcher long fang squads. 
With the long fangs completed, im now moving on to continue working on the remaining grey hunters (8 more for my 1500 point list, 16 for my 1850 point list). 

Also, I do have some units for sale and trade, so please contact me if your interested:
First, my lovely ork warboss biker:

Ork Warboss is on eBay: 
And then my BA Death Star unit:

 I also have a number of Ork for trade, looking for Chaos Space Marines and anything Nurgle (Ive decided my "for fun" themed army will be a Death Guard army).

30x assembled primed black (GW Primer) ork shoota boys with 3x big shootas.
18x assembled primed black (GW Primer) ork choppa boys
Ork Big Mek with KFF (metal, assembled, not primed)
Ork Pain Boy (metal, assebled, not primed)
8x assembled primed black (GW Primer) Ork Lootas
2x ork warbikers on sprue

Dakka Dakka Thread:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

How To: Make Combi Meltas

So, this technique is by no means my own, as I believe I got it off a Dakka Dakka thread. However, this is my implementation of that method, and one which I think is a win...

I for one, think the combi melta is a must have for every sergeant. By having a melta/combi melta in a tactical squad, you double your chances of getting that one melta shot that matters. Most people hate the fact its a single shot, but think about it, you only really ever get the chance to get that one melta shot you need each game.

So, upon closer inspection, youll see how I crafted this. I stripped the top of a bolter off (the sight rails), and basically cut the melta gun right below the ammo tank (painted red here) on the melta gun. I also cut off the melta barrel and glued it a little above the bolter barrel. The trickiest part was actually behind the melta "ammo tank". To make it actual look cohesive, I had to glue on another triangular bolter gun "butt" (again, its right behind the red melta ammo tank). The gun is a little larger than a combi melta from GW, but not really all that noticeable. I like the way this turned out. (Post taken from my old hobby blog, ergo not a space wolf here :-) )

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alternative Model - Thunderwolf

As promised, here is my review of Mr Dandy's Thunder Wolf Calvary model. So lets begin with the pics:

Between these shots, you should get a pretty good look at what the pose of this particular model is. Its not going to be the most dynamic thunder wolf alternative on the market, however it is going to be the most practical. At the bargain price of $15 US, you get yourself the wolf calv, base, and riding legs. While I actually don't mind the Canis Wolfborn model, these are 1/3rd the price so its hard to argue.

Mr Dandy does also offer another full line of "Battle Wolf" mounts as well along side with this "Basic Wolf". That line offers a full array of different posed and crafted models, though they are slightly more expensive at $20 a wolf mount.

Overall, while I have seen a number of better looking wolf mount models, I just couldn't pass on these given they are such a solid value. I am happy with the product as well despite seeing other more detailed and dynamic models. The mold lines and flash are moderate at best on these models, but like with any resin craft mold, its to be expected (just have your hobby knife ready).

Next post, I will continue to show you the progress of my army painting, along with my newest objective markers (my first Hordes model purchase - shifting stones).

Link to Mr Dandy: