Thursday, December 1, 2011

Alternative Model - Thunderwolf

As promised, here is my review of Mr Dandy's Thunder Wolf Calvary model. So lets begin with the pics:

Between these shots, you should get a pretty good look at what the pose of this particular model is. Its not going to be the most dynamic thunder wolf alternative on the market, however it is going to be the most practical. At the bargain price of $15 US, you get yourself the wolf calv, base, and riding legs. While I actually don't mind the Canis Wolfborn model, these are 1/3rd the price so its hard to argue.

Mr Dandy does also offer another full line of "Battle Wolf" mounts as well along side with this "Basic Wolf". That line offers a full array of different posed and crafted models, though they are slightly more expensive at $20 a wolf mount.

Overall, while I have seen a number of better looking wolf mount models, I just couldn't pass on these given they are such a solid value. I am happy with the product as well despite seeing other more detailed and dynamic models. The mold lines and flash are moderate at best on these models, but like with any resin craft mold, its to be expected (just have your hobby knife ready).

Next post, I will continue to show you the progress of my army painting, along with my newest objective markers (my first Hordes model purchase - shifting stones).

Link to Mr Dandy: