Sunday, December 11, 2011

How To: Making Long Fangs Missiles

Ive continued my work on the Space Wolf Longfangs and am happy with the results! See it here:

Im not 100% completed, but Im oh so very close...  From above, you can see about half of the long fangs are using missile launchers made from Hunter Killer vehicles kits, as I explained in my previous how to post below. These guys will be split into my 2x 4 man missile launcher long fang squads. 
With the long fangs completed, im now moving on to continue working on the remaining grey hunters (8 more for my 1500 point list, 16 for my 1850 point list). 

Also, I do have some units for sale and trade, so please contact me if your interested:
First, my lovely ork warboss biker:

Ork Warboss is on eBay: 
And then my BA Death Star unit:

 I also have a number of Ork for trade, looking for Chaos Space Marines and anything Nurgle (Ive decided my "for fun" themed army will be a Death Guard army).

30x assembled primed black (GW Primer) ork shoota boys with 3x big shootas.
18x assembled primed black (GW Primer) ork choppa boys
Ork Big Mek with KFF (metal, assembled, not primed)
Ork Pain Boy (metal, assebled, not primed)
8x assembled primed black (GW Primer) Ork Lootas
2x ork warbikers on sprue

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