Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make Objective Markers - Space Wolves

So, Ive taken a week off from painting the wolves after finishing up the last of the long fangs. However, I did begin to work on my objective markers. Lone behold, I did ultimately paint a Warmachine model! You seeing a "shifting stone" below, which means nothing to me other than its a wicked good space wolf objective marker or a solid chooser of the slain model for your rune priest.

For a low low price of $7.99, I picked up pack of these (contains 3 stones) off eBay. Im going to be painting each of them a slightly different color (stone above, bronze, and a silver one).  

I also managed to get my first death guard unit, a nurgle daemon prince which will begin to be painted once the wolves are complete. Im in the process of snagging two plague marine sqauds now too.

Lastly, I got in my first game with the wolves! It was a solid experience and a ton of fun. For not playing a game in months, I'd forgotten how much fun It was to get on the table top and roll them dice. I will get into more on this later, but lets just say I left the Dark Elder Kabal in ruins, but was that enough in a multi objective game? If it were kill points the SW would have won solidly 9 to 2, but those raiders are a pain for late game objective grabs! 

Still looking to trade away some Orks and BAs too (see below):