Saturday, December 31, 2011

Painted Orks - Complete for Trade

I am looking to trade away my beloved orks... While I loved playing the orks, feel they are competative, and had the most fun playing them, I found my new project once the wolves are completed. Im moving onto the Death Guard. So, with that said, if your interested in the orks I will sell them or trade them for Chaos Space Marines (Plague Marines, Obliterators, SM/CSM Rhinos, Chaos Marines, Typhus), so make me an offer!

I have 5x painted nobz (4 big choppaz and 1 klaw), 1 painted warboss on bike, 20x shoota boys, 18 choppa boyz, pain boy, big mek with kff, and 8x lootas (if not painted it will be primed outside the painboy or big mek).

Contact me thru the blog, email me (daschenk at gmail dot come), or leave a comment and ill fire back...

Here Da Orks: