Sunday, February 26, 2012

Commander Dante Conversion

As im not much of a fan of the older Dante model, in particular in comparison with the Sanguinary Guard models, Ive decided to try and fix myself one. I wanted to keep the look and feel of Dante, while adding a few new elements. This is what I was able to come up with...

His axe looks more fitting for a chapter master, and his artificer armor is now as detailed as the sanguinary guard which will surround him on the battlefield. The old model did not do the commander justice... As you can see by the last photo, his old axe is about half the size, and half the power! Ive seen some really wild Dante conversions on the web, but I wanted to remember Dante is still a humble space marine, not a Primarch. Next time, I will be posting a how-to painting guide for the sanguinary guard. I spent about an hour getting Dantes torso separated from his legs with nothing but a dull set of wire cutters. A hobby saw would have been a wise investment.