Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thunder Wolf Lords Completed

Well, I finished two of the Mr Dandy Thunder Wolf models and I'm pleased with how they turned out. As you can tell however, the lord is the same on both wolves so I do have a little work left there... The wolves themselves were extremely easy to paint, using simple dry brush techniques. The lord however took a little more work, and I did make a mistake im not pleased with. I went a little to heavy with the red on the claw, and it did not turn out like the terminator lord seen below, which I much prefer... I also dont love the pose, but eh, ill deal with it. So this claw will likely be redone in the future and put into a new pose, off to the dunk tank! Overall however, im pleased with how it turned out.

While the models arent the most dynamic, for $15, Im not going to complain. They look great on the table top, and this lord here carved his was thru a squad of wraith guard just last week! Im hoping to get in another game this weekend, so well see what damage these monsters of the fang can do.