Sunday, March 18, 2012

How To Paint my Deathwing

Well, like most of the paint schemes I've done thus far, I've again been inspired by the 40k community and this time in particularity, the Vanus Temple in painting up my deathwing. 

I will now write up a brief how to, which does leverage the groundwork laid out by the Vanus Temple... What you'll need is outside primer:
-White, Ice Grey (P3), Graveyard Earth (GW), Badab Black Wash (GW), Delvin Mud Wash (GW), Desert Yellow (GW) & Bleached Bone (GW) - For Terminator Armor
-Ironhide Grey (GW), Space Wolf Grey (GW) & Silver  - Storm Shield/Thunder Hammer
-Ice Blue (GW) & Regal Blue (GW) - Lightning Claws
-Yellow Green (Vallejo), Slime Green (P3), & Thraka Green Wash (GW) - Eyes and Lenses

First, prime the model (I used Black Primer from P3), and then I painted the model with Ice Grey (full coverage, if you have light grey primer simply use that). I used an airbrush to paint my models at this point, but a brush will do fine. Then apply Graveyard Earth fully to the model, and give it a heavy wash of Badab Black as such.

Now, you're going to be applying the first layer of the base coat by hand using the "streaky method". To follow this technique, you basically want to take a mid range hobby brush, and flatten the bristels to it fans out like so.

Apply desert yellow across the model as if each bristle were a seperate brush had, making brush stroke from top to bottom (for the arms, think of them being at the terminators side, so back to front on the assault cannon arm for example). Do the same thing with a 2x Desert Yellow: 1x Bleach Bone so the model appears as such.

Again, do the same thing with Bleach Bone, and again with a 1x Bleach Bone: 1x White mix in the same fashion

You're almost there... I add a little delvin mud in a streaky fashion as well with a very small brush. For the thunder hammer and storm shield, use the streaky technique atop the painted base with Ironhill, Wolf Grey and White. For the thunder hammer, paint it all silver, add a heavy black then brown wash, then add some bleach bone and white streaks. As for the lightning claws, I painted them regal blue and used the airbrush to lighten up with ice blue to add that radiant looking glow. I used a micro brush and drybrushed the lenses with vallejo yellow green after painting them slime green, then added thraka green wash around the outside of the lenses and eyes. Lastly, apply badab black to the recesses of the model....

There you have it! You're ready to rock the deathwing!