Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Siege of Manufactorum City Brokersk

Siege of Manufactorum City Brokersk

The air inside of the Manufactorum had already scented of heavy medals and residuals left over from the plants smelting processes. With the teleportation completed, it only added to the metallic tang in the air similar to that of burnt mechtronics. Accustomed to the process, Sergeant Menelar and his squad stood silently, waiting for the fog of warp striking to settle as their enhanced vision sense quickly adjusted to the dreary surroundings. The city was consumed by darkness with the eclipse fully at hand, the iridescent glow radiating from the battle armor lenses and sensors created the only artificial light to pierce the darkness that was Brokersk. 

Only days before had the distress beacon been activated at the governor’s abbey, and it was calculated the city soon after lost power. It was clear thru orbital observation that the city’s plasma reactors were offline, though there were no signs at least from low orbit that there had been any structural damage to either the reactors nor any of the grid structure. Brokersk had a fairly rugged power grid though, almost in a continuous state of maintenance with the irregularly strong solar flares all but constantly bathing the northern hemisphere of Brimidia Secundos.

Unfortunately the vox casters were all but useless as a result of the solar activity now combined with the eclipse shadowing the city. Only short range vox communications were online according to Menelar’s helmet display. Had Brokersk not been a critical producer of unrefined plasma cake, Menelar knew Captain Leonuad wouldn’t have responded to the Mechanicum’s request for investigation, as they had a tendency to request a barracks at all the forge cities of Brimidia Secundos.

Brimidia Secundos had the unfortunate circumstance of being on the outer rim of Waaagh Hruk. The planet had was usually able to bolster the forge cities peppering its surface with local planetary defense forces, which is why the request for assistance beaconing from the abbey was an improbable event. While the planet had a resident Ork population, it was usually kept at bay by the PDFs.

Exiting the main floor of the electroplating annex, Menelar and his squad found their way to the main streetway outside the plant. With imperial records not having an updated streetview of Brokersk, the terminators would have to navigate by landmark given their limited communications network. Menelar had instructed Deathwing gunner Lincidia to begin pinging the local area vox network for signs of a local response. “Sergeant, Ive yet to receive any reply to the relay. Ive also picked up no signs of heat life from the Signum”.  Menelar knew he wouldn’t, as even the strike cruiser Dread Horizon didn’t detect signs of life at it hovered overhead in orbit with its sensitive relay detectors.  “It seems the atmosphere is statically charged as well, so don’t rely on long range visor sensory for visual or auditory impulse either.” Menelar didn’t have to remind his squad though, as he wasn’t commanding the recruits of the latest scouting class anymore. Menelar was recently promoted to the Deathwing after the legios administratum had tallied the losses of the Battle of Kavrid and calculated his transfer. Now leading a squad of the Emperors Finest, Menelar was commanding a squad capable of sieging a capital city.

“Im picking up pulse ions off these scorch marks as well Sergeant.” Looking down, Menelar quickly picked up the markings thru the planet dust as Marine Edvisior indicated. His acute vision noted the marks were in a polarizing pattern, suggesting a coordinated weapons discharge.  There were little other signs of combat however, and Lincidia’s signum wasn’t picking up any signs of life even atop the highest peak in the cities geography… Till Next Time