Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well, for those of you who follow the Warhammer 40k tournament scene, you're aware that Adepticon 2012 just wrapped up. I unfortunately didn't make it this year, as I got wait listed for the 40k championship round. If I would have made it, I wouldn't have been all that confident in my abilities given Ive only gotten in about a half dozen games with the wolves (and the death wing is no where near ready yet).

This year, Grey Knights did have a dominant showing, making about I believe 7 of the top 16 player, followed up by Orks &SWs with 2x each, 1 IG, 1 Eldar, 1 Necron, 1 Daemon and 1 Dark Angel (no DE or Nids - a byproduct of the GK dominance and simply no BA either...). GK did end up winning the best overall, beating out Tony Ks Space Wolves (may I add 2x defending champ Tony K). 

If your at all interested in wartching any of these top player pound it out, check out the and The ICs were streaming a live showing the of final rounds, and apok40k had various interviews and a general walkthru of the event.

As I so wanted to make it to this event this year, is disappointing its over already and I just didn't get in on time. I know several people who made it and said it was a blast.

I will be posting up an update in the deathwing tomorrow or Tuesday, so your going to get a good luck at the second squad of the emperors finest!