Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Deathwing Update

I'm just about wrapped up with the second squad of Deathwing terminators... Between the two squads, weapon upgrades, and the Dreadnought Im 1/3rd done with an 1850 list which is exciting. After hearing rumors that the 6th edition box set will come with CSM and Dark Angels, well have to see what GW does to up the ante from the 5th edition box set (still an awesome value at $100, up from the $65 I paid at release).

The next in the queue is to finish up the Dantewing army I began about a dozen post back and continue with the Deathwing by adding in a librarian in terminator armor and a flamer/chain fist termie (I know the new DA codex will improve on the lib powers, as the current codex powers are awful).

My goal is to premier the Deathwing at Adepticon next year... Really!