Saturday, June 30, 2012

6th Edition things to note

This is going to be a quick post on a few things Im looking thru with 6th ed:

Firstly, Grey Knight power weapons are AP3, so they will get stomped by TH/SS termies now :-) Same with Death Cultist, so that makes me a very happy man. Is everyone in agreement on this one? Im reading a number of different thoughts on this.

If other squad members moves, but the heavy weapon in the squad doesnt move, it still fires at base BS (must remain in coherency, however this is great for tactical marines now).  See page 13, movement is done on a model by model basis!

Rage is +2 attacks, so death company get a lot strong. Furious Charge is only +1 Strength and feel no pain is a 5+, but against ALL AP, so sanguinary priest will play a different role now (sanguinary guard now get better with a 2+/5++ with priest and power weapons being AP3).

Plasma will be back! Its AP2 so it gets a +1 on pen damage chart, AP1 is +2 on damage chart. Glances only remove a hullpoint, and 0 hullpoints = destroyed vehicle (Pens also remove a HP along with damage chart).

Sniper Rifles can sometimes pick the unit they wound, so they can pick out sergeants and such (however there is are new character rules where someone else can take the wound on a 4+, think its called "look out sir")

Challenges will slow down the wiping out of squads in hand to hand. Wont go into details, but no more wolf lords wiping out a squad in a single round of combat. Challenges and "look out sir" will limit damage by ICs in deathstars.

Psykic powers from rulebook will be randomized, however if you pick from codex I dont believe it is random

All missions have night fight on a 4+ till the turn where that roll fails (meaning if you keep rolling a 4+, night fight stays)

Troops will be key, however if you have heavies and fast attacks in your army, you have a 1/3 third chance either of them will be scoring depending on the mission.

Please leave your thoughts or challenge me if you disagree!

Friday, June 29, 2012

6th Ed. Rulebook in Hand!

I got my pre-ordered 6th ed rulebook, and its looking very solid. Ive only had it for about 20 minutes thus far, but can I say Im glad my 6th edition army will be Blood Angels... Rage is +2 attacks on the charge, that's it! Hello Death Company :-) 

More to come on my BAs soon, and dont forget to check out war tv tomorrow for a walkthru of 6th ed and a chance to win a free rulebook:
Link Here from Jawaballs, the original BA

UPDATE: Rule book is a very strong read, i recommend it to anyone interested in 40k. Solid rules section, background, and army showcase (though some from previous codexs). Mission types look like a blast, so im very very excited. Emphasis is on troops, as a majority of the missions (6 total) are either objective based OR require a troops choice.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Blood Angels Masterclass

Well, at least that's what I'll call this... I attempted for the first time, after a little online training, to really begin to use an airbrush as it was intended, so it was like a fine brush rather and a paint cannon. To be honest, Ive only begun to scratch the surface of the potential I think I may have with painting leveraging strong airbrush techniques. I'm accustomed to using it more like a paint gun than a airbrush, so when I began to understand how to paint with some finesse, here is the results.

I know I have a long way to go, but I had a lot of fun painting up this model. I tired to get a little fancy with some of the shading and color blending. I wouldnt call this a masterclass per-see, but rather lets call it session 1 of many more to come! Will my favorites, the BA become my 6th ed army of choice? We will see...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Army on Parade Space Wolves

I spent some time trying to gather a clean shot showing off the wolves in their entirety. I still need to do more work with the camera, though Im thinking ive unfortunately hit the ceiling with the type of shots I want to take with it. Just doesnt have enough horsepower or a solid enough lens to really get that wide angle shot that would really do the army justice (or I simply lack the skill). However, here are the spaces wolves on parade. This is my standard 1500 point list (their is one grey hunter in progress and the other wolf riders not yet completed). Im going to wait till the 6th ed book drops before I make any more model purchases, however from what Ive heard the deathwing army I have in progress may get some love in the starter box! In the meanwhile Ill continue to paint up a few more grey hunters and then maybe get working on my chaplain dreadnought :-)

And They Shall Know No Fear

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rune Priest Completed

With 6th edition right around the corner, Im interested to see if and how psykers will be affected. I just finished up this rune priest (he has been a WIP for weeks now), and while im happy with how he turned out, I dont love it. Unfortunately, his hair simply doesn't contrast enough against the wolf grey body armor, so there's lost detail there. I also simply couldn't get the pigment of his face right, but I figure he is good enough... I decided to again go with the blue glow effect for the power weapon, and compared to the green or red glow, the light blue typically looks the best in my opinion.

Also, here is a look at the first models I ever painted! 3rd edition warhammer goodness. I believe one was part of the anvil of doom or something, with the other being a crossbow crewman.

Friday, June 8, 2012

6.23.12 6th ed strikes

Well, its become rather apparent 6th ed is dropping on 6/23 for pre-order. That would be two weeks from tomorrow lads! I do have a few vacation days to spare...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Painting Cave

One thing Ive seen a few other painters do is show off their workspaces... So heres mine! So we'll begin with the nickel tour. The first pic in the bunch is my photography, modeling, and airbrush station. While I rarely actually paint at this table, I do all of my conversion work, basing, airbrushing here. Most of my painting takes place in my home office or the living room (on top of a whiteboard), as I prefer to paint while my wife is watching tv in the evenings, not so isolating that way (and she gets to control the TV, a win/win). Against the adjacent wall if my modeling/WIP shelf, which has most of my painted armies on display or my WIPs. You can see the display board on top, and the deathwing & dantewing armies on display below. I have a lot of painting to do when 6th comes out! Which I'm hearing to be in about 4-6 weeks. With that said, ill be posting my closing thoughts on 5th ed. next post, as Ive officially retired from playing till 6th ed is out (assuming 4-6 weeks). I did enjoy 5th ed, and till lately felt like I was only halfway thru its life cycle, however with all the news as of late im very much ready to see what 6th offers (and from what ive read, im excited). So like many others, im hanging it up and "hobbying" it away till 6th!