Saturday, June 16, 2012

Army on Parade Space Wolves

I spent some time trying to gather a clean shot showing off the wolves in their entirety. I still need to do more work with the camera, though Im thinking ive unfortunately hit the ceiling with the type of shots I want to take with it. Just doesnt have enough horsepower or a solid enough lens to really get that wide angle shot that would really do the army justice (or I simply lack the skill). However, here are the spaces wolves on parade. This is my standard 1500 point list (their is one grey hunter in progress and the other wolf riders not yet completed). Im going to wait till the 6th ed book drops before I make any more model purchases, however from what Ive heard the deathwing army I have in progress may get some love in the starter box! In the meanwhile Ill continue to paint up a few more grey hunters and then maybe get working on my chaplain dreadnought :-)

And They Shall Know No Fear