Saturday, June 30, 2012

6th Edition things to note

This is going to be a quick post on a few things Im looking thru with 6th ed:

Firstly, Grey Knight power weapons are AP3, so they will get stomped by TH/SS termies now :-) Same with Death Cultist, so that makes me a very happy man. Is everyone in agreement on this one? Im reading a number of different thoughts on this.

If other squad members moves, but the heavy weapon in the squad doesnt move, it still fires at base BS (must remain in coherency, however this is great for tactical marines now).  See page 13, movement is done on a model by model basis!

Rage is +2 attacks, so death company get a lot strong. Furious Charge is only +1 Strength and feel no pain is a 5+, but against ALL AP, so sanguinary priest will play a different role now (sanguinary guard now get better with a 2+/5++ with priest and power weapons being AP3).

Plasma will be back! Its AP2 so it gets a +1 on pen damage chart, AP1 is +2 on damage chart. Glances only remove a hullpoint, and 0 hullpoints = destroyed vehicle (Pens also remove a HP along with damage chart).

Sniper Rifles can sometimes pick the unit they wound, so they can pick out sergeants and such (however there is are new character rules where someone else can take the wound on a 4+, think its called "look out sir")

Challenges will slow down the wiping out of squads in hand to hand. Wont go into details, but no more wolf lords wiping out a squad in a single round of combat. Challenges and "look out sir" will limit damage by ICs in deathstars.

Psykic powers from rulebook will be randomized, however if you pick from codex I dont believe it is random

All missions have night fight on a 4+ till the turn where that roll fails (meaning if you keep rolling a 4+, night fight stays)

Troops will be key, however if you have heavies and fast attacks in your army, you have a 1/3 third chance either of them will be scoring depending on the mission.

Please leave your thoughts or challenge me if you disagree!