Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Painting Cave

One thing Ive seen a few other painters do is show off their workspaces... So heres mine! So we'll begin with the nickel tour. The first pic in the bunch is my photography, modeling, and airbrush station. While I rarely actually paint at this table, I do all of my conversion work, basing, airbrushing here. Most of my painting takes place in my home office or the living room (on top of a whiteboard), as I prefer to paint while my wife is watching tv in the evenings, not so isolating that way (and she gets to control the TV, a win/win). Against the adjacent wall if my modeling/WIP shelf, which has most of my painted armies on display or my WIPs. You can see the display board on top, and the deathwing & dantewing armies on display below. I have a lot of painting to do when 6th comes out! Which I'm hearing to be in about 4-6 weeks. With that said, ill be posting my closing thoughts on 5th ed. next post, as Ive officially retired from playing till 6th ed is out (assuming 4-6 weeks). I did enjoy 5th ed, and till lately felt like I was only halfway thru its life cycle, however with all the news as of late im very much ready to see what 6th offers (and from what ive read, im excited). So like many others, im hanging it up and "hobbying" it away till 6th!