Sunday, June 10, 2012

Rune Priest Completed

With 6th edition right around the corner, Im interested to see if and how psykers will be affected. I just finished up this rune priest (he has been a WIP for weeks now), and while im happy with how he turned out, I dont love it. Unfortunately, his hair simply doesn't contrast enough against the wolf grey body armor, so there's lost detail there. I also simply couldn't get the pigment of his face right, but I figure he is good enough... I decided to again go with the blue glow effect for the power weapon, and compared to the green or red glow, the light blue typically looks the best in my opinion.

Also, here is a look at the first models I ever painted! 3rd edition warhammer goodness. I believe one was part of the anvil of doom or something, with the other being a crossbow crewman.