Monday, July 9, 2012

Army on Parade Deathwing

Well, Ive finished up the first half of my deathwing army. Im not actually sure what I intend to do with them yet, as Im actually working on my space wolves 2.0 at the moment. I know the Dark Angel codex will likely be released within the year, and the pysker got a lot better for the deathwing with the new powers in the rule book... With that said, I am willing to trade and/or sell the deathwing army if your interested... I wont give them away, and the models alone came in around $150, but I am willing to part for the right offer. Email me if your interested (see commission detail tab for contact info).

3x L. Claws, 3x TH/SS, Heavy Flamer/Chain Fist, Assault Cannon/Fist, Cyclone & Fist/Bolter, Power Sword/Bolter; Lib in Terminator Armor; Dreadnought with CCW & Assault Cannon