Thursday, July 12, 2012

Space Wolves 2.0

With the release of 6th edition, I knew I was going to need to revamp the wolves. Im not yet convinced MSU is as dead as everyone thinks (in fact Reece at Front Line Games - footdar player in Adepticon top 16 - insist its just as strong as ever), however I wasn't having that much success with a hybrid razor list (it sounds like its all or nothing). So, I'm going to build out what I think is going to be a very strong list for 6th ed, a foot based loganwing with drop pods... My list will contain plasma based walking grey hunter squads with wolfguard terminators w./ cyclones, some long fangs, and mixed wolfguard units (terminator/non-terminator units) in drop pods.

So, I needed to basically paint up an entirely new army and I wasnt willing to spend as much time as I did last time building out the battle damages wolves... So, I present wolves 2.0, again using an airbrush (which speeds up the process dramatically). What do you think?