Sunday, August 26, 2012

Battle Brothers

Space Wolves and IG together at last! The only way to win with either of these lower tier codexs is to combine their power into something formidable... Sorry, I was trying to say that with a straight face (IG is likely the top 6th ed codex, SWs are maybe 3rd or 4th in my opinion).

I think this display board just isnt going to do it anymore... Drop pods have just such a huge footprint. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reinforcements Have Arrived

After getting in another game of 6th ed in with the wolves, I decided to work on correctly a problem Im encountering (this particular problem is prevalent in most SM armies). I simply lacked the torrent of fire as compared to both of the Necron armies Ive been up against. My current list is becoming fairly effected (drop pod loganwing with termies w./ combi weaponed plasma, heavy wolf guard/rune priest/long fangs, no armor outside pods), however I was lacking the overwhelming torrent of fire I think I need to make this list tournament ready. With Necrons, Grye Knights, Nids, and the soon to be released CSM likely being top tournament armies I needed more than what I can currently deliver. The Drop Pod termies are particularly tough in combat, can score, and include a lot of high AP shooting, however do struggle against hordes or high volumes of anti infantry fire. 

So, in come the guard allies! Im likely going to include 2 squads of veterans armed with 3x plasma in Chimeras, a primera pysker, and a vendetta to round out my 1850 drop loganwing army (the guard will consume about 500 points in total). The Chimera with the primera psyker and vet squad will be able to pump out 2D6 S6 AP5, 4 S6 AP6, 6 S7 AP2, 3 S5 AP4, 2 S7 AP4, 8 S3 AP6 shots each round of shooting. That is simply an unreal amount of fire power which is perfect for tacking out hordes or monstrous creature. All that for the low low price of 180 points (plus 70 for the psyker who adds the 2D6 S6 AP5 shots). Best part, they are scoring too, which will act as a great mid field gunboat to claim objectives.

Im still painting away on the wolves too, here making some progress on a terminator up against a finished grey hunter (wolf guard will have yellow shoulder pads). 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Space Wolves have dropped!

Ive been very, very busy as you can see. I was able to finish up another few grey hunters and a second drop pod this weekend. Your going to see a lot of wolves posted over the next few weeks.