Saturday, October 27, 2012

Almost Completed: Loganwing Wolves

Here they are, the 1500 point Loganwing/IG army Ive been "perfecting" since the release of 6th edition. I unfortunately have only been able to get in a few games lately, though the past few games I have gotten in have been victories! More importantly though, they have been fun for both myself and my opponents. So, behold Donz0s Loganwing:

My list is as follows:

Logan Grimnar
w./ 5x Wolf Guard (3x Terminators w./ 3 P. Fist, 1x Assault Cannon, 3x Combi Meltas)
in Drop Pod

Rune Priest in Terminator Armor (Jaws & M.Hurricane or Divination)
w./ 6x Wolf Guard (2x Terminators w./ 1 P. Fist & 1 Power Sword, 1x Cyclone Missile Launcher, 5x Combi Plasmas)
in Drop Pod

10x Grey Hunters (Wolf Banner, 2x Plasmas)
in Drop Pod

5x Long Fangs (4x Missiles)

10x Imperial Guard Veterans (2x Plasma, Flamer)

Imperial Command Squad (2x Melta)

Vendetta Gunship

In the past few games, Logan has been an absolute beast! He alone took out about 15 marines last game I played. He is expensive, but with his abilities he simply magnifies both his squad and others around him. With him giving his squad preferred enemy, with the meltas and assault cannon, Im normally able to get first blood (taking out any enemy armor). I often break him off from the squad if im able to get two advantageous assaults off. He can hold his own, and so can his squad (especially when he can grant all  space wolves within 18 inches +1 attacks once per game).
The squad with the Rune Priest also drops down first turn, and unleashes 10x plasma and 2x cyclone shots (along with whichever power im able to cast) and the most dangerous squad I see on the table (wraiths, terminators, etc).
The guard squad sits back as long as it can, plinking off units with its plasma guns. Later, the Vendetta comes in (with the Command Squad embarked) along with the grey hunters and do what they do best (take out any armor/troops choices).

So, let me hear what you think? Im certainly aware there are come bad matchups for this army (Dark Eldar can be too fast and throw out tons of wounds, Ork Hordes scare me, and Necrons have been tough every time Ive faced them).

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Something Dark comes this way

Its been decided... I wanted to build out a second army (aside from the wolves w./ IG) and while crafting up a CSM was looking to be a solid alternative, I wanted to drop the power armor for the first time (Went from Space Marines to Blood Angels to Space Wolves in the past 5 years). I once began an Ork army, but got stuck on the sheer volume of painting i would need to have done after I painted up my first 10 choppa boyz. So, lone behold, my first xenos army, the Dark Eldar! So, my very own kabal which ill being piecing together.