Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Renegade Guard!

Been a busy hobby week... Got in another game with the Loganwing lists, and actually I got handed my first loss (very close game) with the list in what was an extremely fun game. I took on a Tzeentch Daemon list with some flamers, screamers, Fateweaver, another Daemon prince, and a boat load of horrors. I would have taken the game if I could have killed a single horror with a missile launcher and 3 twin linked lascannon shots, but with his 4++ re-roll I didnt kill it and lost 6 to 7 VPs. He got his preferred wave,  all other units came down on turn two, and Fateweaver took 2 wounds but stuck around. Had any of those not occurred, I think i would have pulled it off. The flamers and screamers are just too much for my terminator led Loganwing at 1500 points...

Now, onto the latest guard models and ZOMBIES (counts as for my blob infantry squad)!