Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Lumbering Behemoth

Finished up my Leman Russ Battletank as part of my 1850 Renegade IG list, and have a quick write up of a local tournament game I was in.

As for the game, it was at 1850 points and I ran my Loganwing drop list (1500 point list) with a guard blob (30 man w./ 3 plasmas & 3 power axes), vendetta, and heavy weapons squad (autocannons) led by a Primaris Psyker. I ran up against another Loganwing player with Thunderwolves to back it up, so a lot of hard hitting 2+/3++ on opponents side of the table. Some highlights of the game were:
-I eliminated his thunderwolf lord/thunderwolf companions on the drop with my plamsa/melta wolf guard in drop pods turn one, so off to a good start
-My blob squad ate one of his terminator/rune priest squad in shooting (1st rank fire/2nd rank fire is nasty with such a blob with some plasma peppered in) by the 2nd round
-He ran Arjak Rockfist, who punked Logan in 1 round of combat (dude is a beast)
-I ran a Rune Priest and the Primaris Psyker in with the guard blob in hopes of getting a 4+ invul save and feel no pain, only got feel no pain, though it was enough to allow the squad to absolutely own the center of the table.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Endless Horde

Typhus will be pleased! While these are not going to be plague zombies, they are counts as guardsman in my larger blob squads. They are mantic games ghouls (as opposed to their version of the zombie) models, and I really think that while they have limited models, posing them uniquely gives them a uniform horde look. I painted them using the same technique for the green as I did on my guardsman, however the flesh was a different combination. To achieve what I think looks like a good undead flesh skintone, do the following:

Base with Karak Stone (old Dheneb stone), applying two coats onto the black primed base. Follow up with a nice wash of agrax brown wash, to which then you paint the raised areas (muscles, erc) again with Karak. Finally, on the most raised areas do a 50:50 blend of Karak and Bleached Bone to top it off!