Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Lumbering Behemoth

Finished up my Leman Russ Battletank as part of my 1850 Renegade IG list, and have a quick write up of a local tournament game I was in.

As for the game, it was at 1850 points and I ran my Loganwing drop list (1500 point list) with a guard blob (30 man w./ 3 plasmas & 3 power axes), vendetta, and heavy weapons squad (autocannons) led by a Primaris Psyker. I ran up against another Loganwing player with Thunderwolves to back it up, so a lot of hard hitting 2+/3++ on opponents side of the table. Some highlights of the game were:
-I eliminated his thunderwolf lord/thunderwolf companions on the drop with my plamsa/melta wolf guard in drop pods turn one, so off to a good start
-My blob squad ate one of his terminator/rune priest squad in shooting (1st rank fire/2nd rank fire is nasty with such a blob with some plasma peppered in) by the 2nd round
-He ran Arjak Rockfist, who punked Logan in 1 round of combat (dude is a beast)
-I ran a Rune Priest and the Primaris Psyker in with the guard blob in hopes of getting a 4+ invul save and feel no pain, only got feel no pain, though it was enough to allow the squad to absolutely own the center of the table.