Monday, May 20, 2013

So, what did I miss?

Well Folks, as its clear from the lack of hobby updates, I took a bit of a modeling/40k break. Last time I picked up a 40k model or read a 40k blog, the Chaos Daemon codex was just about to be released... So, anyone care to recap what I missed? It looks like the Chaos Daemons and Tau codexs dropped, and I just saw pics of new eldar models on the way in June too? After 5 years in the hobby, Ive never seen things move so quickly... I have a lot of catching up to do, as at one time I was keeping myself up to par on each codex release. I may be putting down the renegade guard for a little while and getting back to my Wolves and IG allies. Looks like, at least from the FAQs, I can still run my IG blobs with rune priest attached without issue.