Monday, June 17, 2013

The Plaguefather givith Victory!

After finalizing my CSM/IG list, I got in a game with it against the spawnchildren of the old ones, the Eldar. With the new Eldar codex just dropping, I wasnt to sure what to expect. Fortunately, my list is a fairly good all comers list at 1850 points (see list below). I faced a mobile army (wave serpents, jetbikes with farseer and warlocks, warp spiders, hemlock fighter, nitespinner (?)) with some heavy hitters (several squads of wraithguard that were scoring) and some rangers and weapon platforms. Well, I can say that Typhus is an absolute beast, the oblits are awesome, and the heldrake really is a beast to eldar. The game ended game 5 and was rather close, but the CSM/IG pulled off the win. Some highlights were:
- Helldrake took out 2 Hull Points off Wave Serpent then flamed away 4 of 5 Wraithguard
- 5 Wraithguard shot at the oblits, and only killed one! Then the remaining oblit killed 2 with plasma shots and took down the last 3 in combat!
- The hemlock fighter wouldnt die, and forced a Plague Marine Squad AND my platoon squad to run off the board with terrify! That thing simply wasnt going down as its vector dancing on my board edge.
- Typhus wiped out the farseer jetbike squad almost on his own (farseer and 5 or 6 warlocks?)
- Havoks are ok, but oblits are likely the better choice (they also ran off the board)
- 5 Warpspiders shredded Typhus in 1 turn of shoot, such a nasty unit

Plague Marines:

Chaos Sorcerer (Master L. 3, Terminator Armor)
C. Command (Lascannon)

7x Plague Marines (2x Plasma)
7x Plague Marines (2x Plasma)
5x Platoon Command (2x Flamer)
20x IG Platoon (2x Autocannon, Plasma)
18x Zombies

Leman Russ Battle (H. Bolters)
2x Obliterators
5x Havoks (2x Lascannon, 2x Autocannons)

Fast Attack: