Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Despoiler - Kitbashed Abaddon

I decided to try to run a deathstar in my CSM/Daemons army which is composed of Abaddon and Typhus in either a squad of 30 zombies or with 3 obilts (depends on the matchup). As I didn't like the idea of shelling out 25$ for what is currently an awful mold, I turned to the bit box. With some limited lord bits (only front torso, one shoulder pad, left claw, axe, and spike racks), a csm head, a ork nob should pad, and a black reach terminator I went at it and craft this baddddd dude. I really like how he looks. I decided to also for the first time try a non-metallic metallic paint job on the axe blade.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Heres Johnny! (Great Unclean One)

Just got to finishing up this GUO today. He didnt take as long as I expected, though I did leverage the airbrush to do most everything outside some of the detailing and armor. Im happy with how he turned out, though mid way thru I really felt something was missing (he had a dark purple tongue at the time). I went in added a little more detailing and went with the pink tongue to bring about some contrast to the model. This guy is going to be hitting a table top near you!