Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Despoiler - Kitbashed Abaddon

I decided to try to run a deathstar in my CSM/Daemons army which is composed of Abaddon and Typhus in either a squad of 30 zombies or with 3 obilts (depends on the matchup). As I didn't like the idea of shelling out 25$ for what is currently an awful mold, I turned to the bit box. With some limited lord bits (only front torso, one shoulder pad, left claw, axe, and spike racks), a csm head, a ork nob should pad, and a black reach terminator I went at it and craft this baddddd dude. I really like how he looks. I decided to also for the first time try a non-metallic metallic paint job on the axe blade.