Space Wolves 2.0-
Prime Black
Light Airbrush w./ Shadow Grey
Light Airbrush w./ S. Wolf Grey
1 Drop red for shoulder pad (on black primer)
Ulthuan Grey Iconography
Weapons - Silver, wash black, wash brown
Paper - Bleach Bone, Sephia Wash, Dry Brush LongBeard Grey, Red Base on Seals
Fur - Vermin Brown, Black Wash, Vomit Brown, Dry Brush LongBeard Grey, touch up w./ Vomit Brown
Detail with Black Wash (joints)
Flesh - Bronzed Flesh, Sephia Wash, Dwarf Flesh, Drybrush LongBeard Grey

Guard for SWs -
Black Green
Black airbrush from bottom
50/50 Catachan Green/Wurm Green
Wurn (Black Boots with Wash)

Plague Bearers -
Prime Black
Black Green - Bottom 75%
Nurgling - top down 50%
Pale-green - top down 2 sprits front & back
Nurgling - bottom up
G. Green - top down
Dry brush - rotting flesh
Black Wash in water
Brown Wash in water
Khorne Red to Bronzed Flesh - guts